just another blog dedicated to the babes of boca

you guys should make a tab on your tumblr with guides!

Guides to what?

can you post more please

Sure thing babe!

why are boca blogs fighting?

Wait boca blogs are fighting? hahah to my followers: does anyone know what about?!!?

I don’t go on vine much BUTTT

if any of my followers would like me so make a  gif vine of one of the boca babes you can send in a video here or though my submit!!

Laughing so hard at that anon because I've never seen you say anything even remotely rude to anyone. Haha but good try anon, maybe look through her blog before you talk shit.

I know, I don’t even post rude things? But whatever, some people just have no sense of anything. Thanks babe! I’m inlove with your blog, like I’ve said before<3

i love your blog and i think its amazing. lol fuck everyone else<33

Thank you so much, you’re amazing. 

This is actually the worst blog I've ever seen lols #urrude #andannoying

I don’t understand this post because I don’t understand how I am rude? But you know whats rude AND annoying. You, anon. Please get the fuck off my blog if it bothers you so much.